Create beautiful banner sets

Within 5 minutes, and a couple clicks.

Wisebanners are sets of Adobe Photoshop action plugins that allow both designers and non-designers rapidly produce static and animated banners, with only a few clicks.

Watch this short 40 second video.


WiseBanner is compatible on popular ad networks:

“It performs exactly as advertised, and if quick/high quality banners are what you need, it delivers, and I highly recommend it.” -Scott Murdaugh

“I downloaded Wisebanner, read the read me, installed it, edited it, ran Wisebanners & exported my banners - all within 30 minutes” - BlogHue

“All I can say is WOW.
30 static and animated banners in 11 minutes and 30 seconds.” -MarketersCenter

What is WiseBanner?

Great question! Wisebanner provides users with a vast catalogue of banner set templates. The catalogue is sortable via niche, industry and style.


Watch it in action

This video will show you exactly how wisebanner is used to rapidly deploy beautiful banner sets in minutes.

Use your own images

Our quick training videos will show you how to easily replace our template images with your own images to make your banner set 100% unique.

Easily change colors

Changing the colors only takes a couple minutes. You have full control over using colors and gradients on every wisebanner object.

All banners animate

If your version of photoshop supports animation, easily export fully animated banners within 60 seconds. Not only that, our training videos will show you how to control and modify the animation.

15 of the most popular banner sizes.

The default banner sizes that wisebanner currently renders are noted below.

Don’t worry though, if you need additional banners, we provide very easy to understand instructions on how to modify your banners to work with any other desired size(s).

Wisebanner is very customizable

Each template is very customizable from layer styles, fonts, pictures, to backgrounds. There are only a few things simple rules to follow and everything else is a breeze.

Adobe Photoshop gives you the power to transform a single wisebanner template into thousands of unique banners.